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Stone Harbor Shek Wu hit a record high throughput up by 84%

Stone Harbor Shek Wu hit a record high throughput up by 84%
1-10 months of this year, Shek Wu granite countertops throughput reached 2.67 million tons, an increase of 84 percent, a record high. Blocks of stone lions and deep processing and export of the industry chain has been an important pillar industry of the whole economic development of Quanzhou, Shishi origin of imported stone blocks from China stone supplier have been extended to India, Brazil, South Africa, Singapore, and other countries and Kakinada areas.
Meanwhile, lions maritime, port inspection and quarantine administration building of the West Coast Economic Zone of active service, and green channels, for blocks of stone vessels for import and export formalities shore, improve work efficiency, and comprehensively promote the operation of electronic reporting system to promote ship fast track approval to ensure that the international freighter carrying blocks of stone smooth, orderly and efficient export port and operations in Hong Kong, prompting granite tombstone to become Southeast Asia's largest distribution center in Shek Wu Hong Kong.